Refund Policy

Although we do not anticipate any issues with registered teams, we must adhere to the following refund policy to protect everyone should poor weather arise or any other issues. Thank you for your understanding!

If the Captains Cup: A Cause For Haws is called off after the start of the first game of the tournament refunds will not be given.

If theCaptains Cup: A Cause For Haws is called off prior to its commencement, fees shall be returned to the teams. If payment was submitted via PayPal, the fee minus the amount PayPal took out will be returned to the team.

No refunds will be given to teams that register by submitting a completed roster and/or submitting team fee payment and drop out after the event entry cut-off date or do not show up. If the team fee has not already been submitted, the team will be required to pay the team fee.