Putting your team together for the Captains Cup: A Cause for Haws is easy!

Put Your Team Together

Find anywhere from 6 to 10 players and get your team together. 

6v6 games (keeper included) are 20 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.
Players must be 18 years or older. Teams must have at least 1 girl on the field at all times.

Want to play but don't want to organize a team? Shoot us an email by clicking the button below and let us know and we'll get you on a team!

Submit Your Registration

You can find a printable team registration form here, or you can find an online form here.
Make sure to fill out all fields before you submit the online form. 
You can submit the form online, email it to captainscup@causeforhaws.com, or mail it to Ann Bona at 1910 Greenfield Avenue, WI 54313.

Submit Your Payment

There are a two different ways to submit your $300 team fee:
  1. Pay online here (one payment per team).
  2. Mail your check (one check per team), made payable to Captains Cup, to Ann Bona at 1910 Greenfield Avenue, Green Bay, WI 54313.


You'll have to submit a waiver at checkin. Get a head start and download the waiver now.

Stay Up To Date

Watch your email for any updates as well as schedules as tournament time gets closer. In the meantime, you can make sure you know all the rules here.
OH...and spread the word about the tournament to friends, family and whoever else!!
The winners of each bracket will receive an award or prize!